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Rénovation d’un immeuble haussmannien



Carried out on behalf of a private client, this competition focused on a major renovation of offices in a Haussmannian building in Paris.

The starting point was to reconnect the existing construction and its interior courtyard with the surrounding city – while providing several high-quality workspaces fostering a positive and healthy working environment.

RBA rose to the challenge of staying true to the historic features of the building, and sought to enhance existing features while clarifying the main traffic routes through the different spaces.

A key aspect of the proposal was a roof-level extension, designed to improve circulation between floors while increasing the size and flexibility of office areas.

Thus, a global environmental strategy has been integrated throughout the project in order to promote ecologically healthy workspaces in the center of Paris.

The final proposal included a green courtyard, extended balconies and a roof terrace to maximize the expansive views of the cityscape, thus allowing the project to blend seamlessly into its prestigious surroundings.