Professional Design

GS étude, Etude des ventelles
Choosing colour samples for ventilation shutters

Reid Brewin Architects have a wide experience and understand fully the problems associated with construction. Our job is to be creative within the building design process, by proposing innovative solutions, adapting to the needs of our clients and their projects.

  • Expert knowledge and specialist advice
  • Receptive to the requirements of the brief, the site and the any particular implications of the project, for example any prerequisites on specific materials to be used
  •  Fully aware of the budget whilst looking at viable design solutions
  •  Consider the environmental impact and ways of optimising the conservation of energy
  • Sustainable solutions looking at the present while anticipating the best solutions for future generations


Global Switch datacenter - maquette de travail
Datacenter – Maquette de travail

RB-Architects and their clients run each project together because it’s in our common interest to develop a mutual dialogue. A true team effort and collaboration during the opening phases of the work will result in strong, enduring relationships.


  • Keep clients informed and up to date with progress
  • Develop confidence within the team internally and externally
  • Good communication with our external collaborators
  • Maintain contact after the end of the project in order to learn and improve
  • Accompany the client through each work phase and assist with all events from A to Z.

Rigorous in our Approach

Présentation d'ésquisse d'architecte
Présentation d’ésquisse

In order to deliver a project and offer a service which surpasses the expectations of our clients, RB-Architects look at essentials without neglecting the details necessary to get a good understanding of their needs.

  • Reactivity
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability

These points demonstrate that the application of the systems ISO 9001 and 14001 are at the heart of our architectural practice. Whenever the client makes modifications to the project, RB-Architects are able to take these into account even at an advanced stage, whilst being careful to continue with the development of the project.