Architectural hand sketches
Architectural hand sketches
The philosophy of the practice is founded on the following criteria:
  • Have respect for the brief, which must be created in close collaboration with the client.
  • Be open with clients, to be upfront, available and reactive.
  • Be aware of the urban and social context in which we work.
  • Get the most out of materials and construction methods that we use.
  • Have an amicable ambience in our workplace.
The architectural approach of the office is to:
  • Analyse the implications of the brief, budget, programme and wishes of the client.
  • Verify that every element is necessary.
  • Reflect on the context – urban, landscape, environmental, technical, local, social and historic.
  • Have good communication within the team.
  • Dream.
Our architectural form is derived from these criteria without a predefined style, from preference we like to use the maximum natural light and ventilation possible. The key to a successful project is in the creativity resulting from dialogue between all parties involved, reinforced by a competent architect who can ask the right question at the right time.