Reid Brewin Architects by its very nature is international. With two British directors, who have worked in France for more than 25 years, with multilingual collaborators and multinational clients and projects in Europe and Africa, the practice is able to offer a service that is both methodical and thorough in it’s approach and open minded in spirit. In collaboration with a network of international technical and financial consultants, we have successfully completed projects for English, American, Australian, Japanese and Swiss clients. Our work is conducted on a daily basis in fluent French or English. Working internationally brings unique challenges and requires an understanding and respect for different cultural differences.
Head office for Vacheron Constantin by Bernard Tschumi Architects

One of the key strengths of the practice is assisting international clients with their projects in relation to the Normes Françaises (BS or ISO equivalent) in France or abroad. We are often called upon to explain in English the French regulations and procedures and our practice is used to juggling local demands with international concepts. Reid Brewin Architects brings both diligence and technical expertise, typically Anglo-Saxon, to the project. Used to following projects from conception through to construction, we attach great importance to the quality of the implementation and execution of the works. Our objective is to guide clients and to accompany them throughout the project by listening and reflecting on the best way to work together. The brief, programme and the allotted optimal budget must be clearly established in order to ensure that a project runs as smoothly as possible. Beyond being multilingual and multicultural, the team at Reid Brewin Architects have comprehensive expertise in construction techniques, detailing, building regulations and design. Just like our in-house design team, the collaborators with whom we work regularly have also been selected for their excellence and professionalism. Throughout numerous projects to date, the practice has been pleased to note the client’s satisfaction as well as their enthusiasm to work with us again.