The “master of works”, in the french regulations (la norme NF P03-001), is traditionally the architect and is defined as “the person or body employed by the client for their competence and skill:
  • to assist in the appointment of the consultants and the contractors for the project
  • to manage the running of the building works
  • to assist the client with the project handover and help in any matters concerning the payment of contractors.
The service, if provided by the architect, must be clearly defined in his brief and usually include:
  • sketch design phase
  • preliminary design phase (APS) and the detailed design phase (APD)
  • Permit application
  • Production information design phase
  • Tender package
  • Contract negotiations
  • Mobilisation and construction phase
  • Assistance with handover and practical completion
  • As built package
Other services are possible depending on specific requirements The completion of any construction project is a very complex process with many technical and administrative elements to be considered. With the exception of very small scale projects, it is no longer possible for this process to be managed by one person uniquely. The numerous aspects of the project: from conception through to the management of the building site and the project handover, require various skills to order achieve a well run and successful operation. These necessary skills and competencies are provided by a team of people each bringing their specific expertise to the project. The design team usually includes one of more of the following professions:
  • Architect(s) – at least one of whom must be certified by their professional body (in France this is the Ordre des Architectes).
  • Technical consultants – eg. electrical engineer, mechanical and services engineer, etc.
  • Environmental consultant
  • Structural engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor