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Our architectural approach

We follow a structured and rigorous philosophy in the way we work. Interaction with the client is inherent in each step of the design process; from conception to following the works on site, we are there to guide you through the process. As professionals we believe that we should accompany the client on their journey all the way from A to Z. As architects our responsibility is to assimilate the social, cultural, economic and environmental interests of each project. At the heart of our approach is clear and effective communication. We engage with our clients’ objectives, whilst responding to the brief and their needs with creativity, rigour and logic. Since we do not prescribe to a dogmatic approach, we are always open to respond to the specific requirements of the brief and the site, asking the right questions at the right times. Our aim is to create buildings and spaces which improve the lives of those who use them and the communities in which they sit. Design, if it is well done, can have a positive influence on every aspect of life.

Multicultural architectural projects

Understanding of building regulations and procedures for Franco-British projects

Réalisation d'un projet de bureaux co-working à LOndre
Recently completed office co-working project in London?
Our practice has an extensive knowledge and experience in the workings of the architectural profession in France and the United Kingdom, from building regulations through to the different procedures and the various authorities involved in the construction process. Regularly presiding over projects on both sides of the Channel we are able to advise on the administrative and legal obligations related to projects in France as equally as those in the UK. A key asset we offer is the ability to fully understand what sets the two systems apart and to identify the main differences between them, alerting clients to specific points of concern and proposing solutions that will meet the requirements of each country : whether that be issues with the implementation of the design or with the administrative procedures that must be worked through.

Organising a bilingual, multicultural architectural project in different countries

With bilingual architectural projects, the team is often composed of designers, engineers and consultants working in countries that are in different time zones. Conference calls enable us to communicate directly with teams that may be working in three or four different time zones. If any of the parties involved are based in the United States, then all telephone calls must take place in the afternoon CET (Central European Time). Previously projects were designed and communicated by fax or sent by post. Today’s technology ensures that communication is immediate and exchange of information is direct either via emails or conference calls. Video conference calls have become an essential means of managing and organising a project in different countries, the advantage being that they allow everyone involved to see the drawings on their screens and so are able to discuss the specific points of concern as if they were all in the same meeting room. Our team of architects is available to assist you in achieving your architectural project in France and in the UK. If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us.