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In construction, there are many types of declarations, permits and authorisations to obtain depending on the project in question. RB-Architects is at your disposition to advise, guide and take the administrative steps necessary to achieve your building projects. In France it is necessary to employ an architect when the project surface area (SHON) is greater than 170m². To choose an architect is to choose competence recognised by the law. There are 3 main types of permits:
    • Permit to Construct
    • Permit to Redevelop
    • Permit to Demolish
Certain works and improvements need only be preceded by an Outline Application. Permit to Construct: The building permit is an official document which authorises the construction or the renovation of a building for housing use, industrial or other. This step is to be completed with the Mairie (Town Hall) of the place where the property is situated. In principal, any person wishing to develop land must request a permit to construct in order to verify that the project conforms to the legislative and regulatory requirements in force. Permit to Refurbish: The renovation permit is a document which permits the administration to control all works, installations and refurbishments affecting land use. This document authorises the beneficiary to realise constructions or demolitions. When the renovation works imply demolition or construction, these can be included as part of the renovation permit. Permit to Demolish: The Demolition Permit is an administrative authorisation which must be obtained prior to the partial or total demolition of a building. It is exclusively designed to prevent the unlawful demolition of protected buildings. When demolition is to be undertaken on a building which will subsequently be the object of new construction or refurbishment, the application can be made at the same time as that of the permit to construct. Preliminary Declaration: This is an administrative document which allows the administration to verify that a construction project respects the Urban Policy documentation in principle. The declaration is obligatory for all small projects. Declaration of completion of the works: The declaration of the completion of the works is a document which signals to the administration that the completed works are in conformity with the building permit or preliminary declaration. It is obligatory to submit this once the works are completed. Urbanism Certificate: This is an administrative act which indicated the planning regulations for a given site. It contains information on its constructability as well as the rights and obligations attached to the land. The Urbanism Certificate is not an authorisation and does not replace the building permit. There are 2 types of certificate:
  • The urban information certificate permits you to know, in the absence of a specific project, the planning regulations applicable to a piece of land and advises on available resources such as the Local Plan, the existence of public rights of way and applicable taxes.
  • The operational urban certificate indicates, furthermore, if the land can be used for a given project as well as the extant of existing public equipment on the site (pipes, cables etc.).
Declaration of Restricted Installations: A restricted installation is defined as – all industrial or agricultural exploitation susceptible to the creation of risk or to cause pollution or nuisance, notably for the health of the local residents. The legislation states that activities relevant to restricted installations are subject to either a Declaration or an Authorisation according to the size of the risks and the inconveniences that they may engender. A declaration is necessary for those activities which are considered less polluting and dangerous. Authorisation of Restricted Installations: For all installations presenting high levels of risk or pollution, the developer must make an application for an Authorisation before the project begins, demonstrating the acceptability of the risks. The Administration will authorise or refuse the function of the installation. Application for Signage: The signage request is an administrative document which authorises the installation of a sign. The definition of a sign is any inscription, board or image attached to a building and relating to the activity within. Application for authorisation of building works or authorisation of construction, fitting out or modification to any building that receives the public. This application has to be submitted for any works carried out to buildings that receive the general public, whether or not the works need a permit application, no matter their importance. (Articles R111-19-18, R111-19-19, R123-22 et R123-25 du Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation). It enables the local authorities to check the conformity of the accessibility and fire safety regulations. (Article L111-8 du Code de la Construction de de l’Habitation)