We are currently working on a variety of projects, from new construction to refurbishment, including boutiques, business parks, data centres and offices. Previous experience also includes schools, hospitals, transport, sports facilities and leisure installations. We are able to provide the full project manager role or intervene solely on a specific aspect of the project, depending on the client’s requirements.

Our wide range of experience encompasses every part of the design process from the architecture to interior design, space planning, renovation and urban planning. This unified understanding enables us to provide added value to the project, an approach our clients appreciate. It has given us the opportunity to become involved in a diverse range of projects, both in France and internationally.
Our architectural concepts are derived from this multidisciplinary vision. In order to assure the quality of a project we collaborate closely with numerous specialist consultants, each of whom bring their extensive expertise to our design team. The team is comprised of ourselves as the architect working alongside landscape architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, acousticians, environmental consultants and expert fire and safety consultants to provide coherent and collaborative design solutions for each project.
Good communication is the key to every successful project.
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We take the green spaces seriously. At each stage of the project we consider how our buildings and their surrounding landscape can mutually improve each other. More than just an addition to a building, the natural environmental is a high priority for every project. Our diverse range of projects encourage a variety of different solutions. This integrated approach means we can produce better green spaces, bringing something extra to the project. We collaborate on a regular basis with landscape architect consultants, who bring their expertise to the design team helping us to conceive and achieve coherent solutions.

Urban Design

The objective of the strategic urbanist is to read the urban environment at a large scale. Our work then focuses on the improvement of specific public and private spaces, with a view to anticipating future needs and proposing effective urban development, which is both within the socio-economic plan and environmentally sustainable.

Refurbishment & Renovation

Owing to our experience in this field and the care that we take over each project, Reid Brewin Architects can sensitively restore and renovate buildings both old and new. We guarantee that our interventions will improve the quality of the building or element therein which we undertake to renovate.


From our recent experience on a variety of different projects, we are able to advise our clients about the best strategies for dealing with fire protection, accessibility for the disabled, energy efficiency and sustainability.

New Buildings

Reid Brewin Architects has undertaken many new-build projects. Often it is necessary to begin at sketch stage in consultation with the client and the authorities (ie. the Mairie) and to get hold of local urban plans. We are often required to submit planning applications or to obtain a demolition permit, but on each occasion we rigorously follow the procedure in order to obtain the necessary permissions as swiftly as possible.

A planning application or outline planning application can take several months and it is imperative to establish a clear programme early on. In order to assure the success of a project it is useful for the architect to follow the project through all of its stages up to construction and completion. However we have the experience and the capacity to adapt as necessary to whichever stage the client requires us to be involved.

Interior Design

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Reid Brewin Architects always aim for coherence throughout the project so we take care to work at various scales simultaneously, looking at specific details, materials, colours, textures and at the bigger picture of the internal environment as a whole. The quality of interior space is for us, one of the essential components of architecture. Our interior design projects include: lofts, boutiques, office refurbishments, restaurants and apartments.

Office Refit

We have a great deal of expertise in the reorganisation of spaces and workstations often known as zoning or space-planning. Our method entails detailed research into our client’s operation, and taking into account economic pressures which are driving the company to optimise their space whilst maintaining fluidity.

At Reid Brewin Architects we use our experience of ergonomics, decoration and definition of workspaces to inform our design process. Our architects immerse themselves within the culture and working practices of each company so that our solutions are the best possible for our clients. We understand the importance of good spatial planning and internal organisation in the office environment in facilitating management and collaboration.

Shop Refurbishment

We are very conscious of the constraints of shop refurbishment projects. We aim to provide a service which is very flexible to respect tight deadlines, whilst looking for the best products at the best prices. Our creativity and attention to detail allows us to optimise your space, combining aesthetics, functionality and quality.


Our plentiful experience in this field, especially for international companies, has given us a good understanding of the evolution of design trends. We are used to working with design teams specialising in marketing, merchandising and sales. We understand the specific requirements for lighting, cooling, circulation, security, signage and decoration that shop refits necessitate; and we can put in place the right person at the right time to assure the success of the project.


Thanks to our multidisciplinary experience and the variety of projects that we undertake, we are able to transfer our skills to the restaurant and catering industry.

Architectural & Technical Reports

The writing of one-off technical reports also falls under the remit of our capabilities.