New Tramway in Luxembourg
The creation of a new tram line in Luxembourg came about after a competition won by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (LDS) in collaboration with Reid Brewin Architects. The project includes 18 new tram stations using the original routes from 1859. The original tram system has long since disappeared so it means reintegrating this mode of transport back into the city, building new bridges and pathways across the routes.
Street view of new tramway
Station type de Tramway à Luxembourg
Proposed tramway station
A common design theme is maintained through all the stations: for example, the modifications to the road system and the dimensions of the platforms. Each time however the design is adapted to the characteristics of each station. The street furniture has been custom designed specially for this project. It takes inspiration from the mining history of the city, with a strong presence of Belgian Blue stone. Other materials were selected for their reasonable cost, qualities of wear resistance , weather proof solutions and resistance to vandalism. The bus shelter design can be adapted to different situations by combining the components in a variety of ways, but in keeping with the common principles between the stations. The walls are made from alternating galvanized steel and glass panels on which is displayed the travel information. A strong visual identity is reinforced by the presence of totems clearly showing the station name and other useful information.
Luxtram - mobilier
Street furniture designed for new tramway
Luxtram - plan type de station
Typical station street plan