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New housing project for Action Enfance opens

Interior living space in one of the Action Enfance housing project

A key part of the concept developed for the Action Enfance project, was incorporating the use of different paint colours as a way to clearly define each space with an individual quality whilst respecting the Foundation’s very tight budget. A lot of time was spent researching the furniture and interior furnishings to avoid an overly institutional look.

The goal was to enhance the feeling of warmth and to create an atmosphere of a real family home. The only imposed constraints regarding the furniture were that they must be sturdy, resistant and long-lasting, requiring little maintenance. In collaboration with our partner, Vazistas, we designed an “intelligent wall” for use in the bedrooms and the office spaces for storage and display.

We mocked up a model in our office, which was validated by the carpenter, who then set to work, successfully completing the joinery work on site within a very short time delay before the children and staff moved into the houses at the end of August. It has been a really delightful project to be involved in.


Interior living space in one of the Action Enfance housing project