MuséoParc Alesia is an Interpretative Centre located at Alise-Sainte-Reine, in the heart of Burgundy. Construction began in April 2009 and it will open its doors in spring 2011.
MuséoParc, Alésia paysage
The surrounding landscape at MuséoParc
MuséoParc, Alésia vue batiment
MuséoParc building design
MuséoParc, Alésia
The building set into the landscape
Entrance to the museum is on the ground floor with a reception area, shop, restaurant and the administration offices clearly accessible. At the top of the ramp, on one side a conference centre and meeting rooms are located and on the other access to display spaces that give 360° panoramic views around the site.
Muséoparc, Alésia
View of MuséoParc
To the north of the village, the building is set below ground allowing for it’s sensitive integration into the village but being visible from the main road. By taking advantage of the steep slope of the site, the parking is inserted into the hillside along with some of the technical services areas.