Le Beauvallon luxury hotel at Sainte Maxime

Hôtel Beauvallon, Sainte Maxime
Le Beauvallon Hotel looking over the St Tropez Bay



RB-Architects – collaborating with Le Beauvallon Hotel

Located at Port-Grimaud, the ‘Le Beauvallon’ luxury hotel benefits from an ideal position close to Sainte-Maxime and enjoys exceptional views across the bay of Saint Tropez. The owner of the hotel wished to undertake a large programme of renovation works to restore the building to the prestige and elegance which it enjoyed at the beginning of the 20th century. This ambitious architectural project has been developed in collaboration with RB-Architects and numerous other consultants.


An Ambitious Architectural Project

Le Beauvallon luxury hotel is an integral part of the Saint Tropez landscape and offers a refined environment where calm, peace and luxury are given priority. The site and the buildings will be completely refurbished by incorporating contemporary design concepts whilst respecting the original style.


A Complex Brief

Hôtel Le Beauvallon, Sainte Maxime
Le Beauvallon Hotel
The location in close proximity to the bay of Saint Tropez and the protected coastline, which means that any development is closely monitored by the local authority and conservation trusts.
In the 1920’s Pierre Charon designed the Golf Club House which is now a listed building. For these reasons the project hinges on a close collaboration with the Architectes des Bâtiments de France (ABF), the French equivalent of English Heritage, who are closely following the evolution of the project.

RB-Architects offers bilingual architectural assistance

RB-Architects were commissioned by the international owners of the site to support the project management team and complete the architectural programme. Our team is also providing assistance with the administrative procedures such as planning permissions. A key reason for choosing our architectural practice for the project was due to our extensive knowledge of construction in France and our bilingual expertise in the different phases of the architectural project, expaining these in terms of the Anglo-Saxon equivalents. We are therefore well placed to help both international clients develop architectural projects in France, and also French clients to implement projects in Anglophone countries.