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RB-Architects is preparing for 1SO 14001:2004 certification in collaboration with ICMS and LRQA with certification expected in Autumn 2010

Environmental Policy Statement

As an architectural practice RB-Architects has decided to make commitments towards reducing its impact on the environment and to design, build and enable buildings that bring about sustainable development. Individually we will aim to recognise the impact of our own activities on the environment around us and to try to avoid compromising those of future generations.

Our practice has set up and Enviornmental Management System as defined by ISO 14001 (audit in Autumn 2010) to coordinate a method of setting targets and objectives to the acieve the best of our ressources and ability. It is split in to two key themes that will form our sustainable development guide.

1.     Office activities

2.     Office projects

RB-Architects will :


  • Monitor and study our environmental performance
  • Take regular actions to improve our performance
  • Measure the performance of our office acitivities

Such as reducing energy, reducing the impact from business travel, reducing paper consumption, improving our waste disposal, keep up to date with environmental legislation

Our targets will include :


  • Reducing our electrical consumption
  • Reducing our paper consumption
  • Developping an environmental purchasing procedure
  • Reminding clients of the interst in sustainable development and the advantages of placing an emphasis on the environmental impact of the project
  • Carefully chose materials with respect to the environment
  • Record the quality of our construction sites

These points will be assessed in weekly meetings and annual reviews.