Bureau de repli - Disaster recovery office
Disaster recovery office for a large Paris based company

Disaster Recovery Offices

Water damage, burglary, fire, labour disputes, natural disasters, malicious attacks… Incidents of force majeure are numerous and their consequences can be very damaging to the image of your business or its financial health. But how to keep working if your offices have disappeared overnight? Disaster recovery or ‘fallback’ offices can provide a workplace for employees in case of need and ensure the continuity of your business.

Why design disaster recovery offices?

The costs of building disaster recovery offices can be significant, however the consequences of loss or interruption of operations, can be much more expensive. Some companies cannot afford to see their business paralysed, either because they could lose a lot of money quickly (in the case of trading, for example) or because it would be too disruptive to the activity of thousands or even millions of people (ministries, public service providers etc.). That is why it is important to analyse the different risks, anticipate and identify the company’s needs and build an action plan to implement in case of trouble.

Optimising a disaster recovery office

Bureau de repli - Disaster recovery office
Fully operational offices in case of a major disaster

The aim is to enable businesses and their employees to continue working even in extreme cases. You have to be able to move employees immediately (in whole or in part) from their usual workplace to a new site which is already built, functional and operational. The security of the site is usually a key factor in choosing the location for fallback offices. They must also have a diverse power supply and optimal connectivity solutions. It should also have it’s own fuel supply which should be independent in case of a power supply failure on the main grid. This will keep the computers, lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning all functioning.

Reid Brewin Architects’ Experience

Reid Brewin Architects have experience in planning disaster recovery offices. It is often necessary to consider different ways of connecting power the site (requiring a minimum of two in order to have a direct operational connection if the first was to fail). Our mission is to help companies find suitable solutions in terms of design, the location, the technology and the ergonomics of the project and their requirements. We aim to clearly identify the specific needs of a company for the design and construction of their short term use offices, providing an efficient, optimised design.