RB-Architects have experience and technical knowledge of datacentre construction

Elevation details at Pantin data centre
Reid Brewin Architects is a leading architectural firm recognised for its experience in datacentre projects (including modular datacentres). From the architectural concept and design to monitoring the works on site, from the choice of materials and specifying equipment, through the various administrative procedures, approvals of building permits, etc. Reid Brewin Architects are at your service to help you achieve your datacentre project. This type of project can be very challenging. The large consumption of energy, the quantity of heat production, the high tech equipment to be housed safely and efficiently, often in vast spaces, requires skill and technical know-how in order to best integrate the various components of the architectural project. The construction of datacentres throws up many questions, for example, choosing the suitable type of datacentre – standard or modular, the long term durability of the building, integration and location of technical elements, principles of cooling and choosing the most suitable air conditioning system, building security, materials used and high quality construction detailing, all must be considered when developing the aesthetic concept and form of the building which best serves the technical and economic interests of the project.
Modular datacentre project on the outskirts of Paris
Les équipes de Reid Brewin Architectes bénéficient de l’expertise et de l’expérience nécessaire pour faire de votre projet une réussite. N’hésitez pas à nous contact us to discuss your project in more detail. For further information regarding our datacentre construction projects, click on the links below: Global Switch – datacentre extension – 13,700m² Pantin Datacentre – datacentre renovation project – 11,400m² Modular datacentre to the East of Paris  – modular datacentre