Construction Tour signal
Tour à La Défense
The project for the Signal Tower was a request to tender for the construction of a sky scraper at La Defense in Paris.  RB-Architects were fortunate enough to work with one of the 5 finalists on the project by Daniel Libeskind.  The building stands out because of the bend in the tower.  The high rise building would be composed of interconnecting forms which climb over each other towards the sky.  At a height of 255m it would include offices, housing, shopping center and restaurants over a total area of 119000m². RB-Architects were asked to assist on the elevations which are entirely glazed.  Internal gardens appear in several places around the elevations, which would be used in conjunction with the glazing as a skin to bring together the thermal and acoustic performance. According to Daniel Libeskind the ambition of the project is based on simple forms which interconnect, as a function of the brief of retail, offices, housing, breathing space, and education modules.  These modules overlap and define the vibrant attractive geometry.  Leading the eye upwards is the green band linking all the living components.