Datacenter Global Switch - chantier en cours
Datacentre Global Switch on site
Datacenter Global Switch façade
Vérification d’architecte de prototype de façade
The construction works of Global Switch datacentre are progressing well. There are weekly site meetings between our team of architects, the building contractors and the various other consultants working on the project to discuss the numerous complex issues needing to be addressed. Continual checking of the architectural conformity is an essential part of our role as the project architects. One of the key elements of this datacentre project was to carefully check and monitor the facade, with more than 5000m² of louvres on the four elevations. This part of the works was so important that the team from RB-Architects visited the Renson factory in Belgium, a large French company manufacturing louvres. With expert advice from Renson, our architects were able to better detail the façade design and resolve solutions for the numerous junctions between openings, doors, access hatches, flashings and the rainwater downpipes. The paint manufacturer AkzoNobel developped a specific paint colour for the building, a copper colour making reference to the vast amount of copper cables circulating throughout the building.

Video showing the building site at Global Switch, Clichy

Construction works on site of the new extension to Paris’s largest datacentre for Global Switch have started in earnest.