Luanda - construction de tour
TTA2 Tower in Luanda

TTA2 Tower in Luanda, Angola

Reid Brewin Architects practice was asked to intervene on behalf of a French client who was in the process of developing a large office tower in Luanda, Angola, and who wished for the building to follow French building standards. The client had already developed the architectural design with its American architect’s firm so we were commissioned to ensure the construction process and the eventual completed project fully complied with French building standards and regulations.

Applying French regulations in terms of the construction

Our knowledge of French standards and regulations meant that we were best placed to advise the client and ensure the building complied with the norms. We also assisted the client in finding construction materials and products that had the French certification standards and were also available in Angola.

Capability to carry out architectural projects in English, French and Portuguese

Luanda - construction de tour
Completion of the TTA2 Tower in Luanda

A distinct particularity of this project lay in the fact that our team of architects had to manage the project in three different languages – English, French and Portuguese. The concept design provided by the American architects had to be represented in French. We then translated the relevant French regulations into English, allowing us to provide all the specifications of the project in English but based on French building standards. All documentation then had to be translated into Portuguese for the benefit of the Portuguese contractors who had been selected to build the project. Documents provided to building control, which was a French company, were written in French. Their report was received in French and then translated into English.

Quite a challenge! Not just in terms of the architectural aspects but also in coordinating the numerous personnel based around the world and the various cultural differences.