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Client-Architect relationship


November 2014 at our Architectural Practice

Visite FLV

Good working relationship between the client and the architect is paramount

At Reid Brewin Architects the relationship between our clients and our team is paramount for a successful architectural project. No matter the size, complexity, cost and length of the programme involved, we believe it is essential to communicate clearly, with mutual respect for each other’s viewpoint and to be attentive to each other’s needs and requests.

It is important for a client to seek advice from the architect and even more beneficial to all parties is to ask questions. Questions show us that the client wants to understand and actively participate in the project. Of course sometimes during the working process, circumstances will arise that are unfavourable and opinions may differ but this is all the more reason for close collaboration between the client and the architectural team. With our experience, we encourage our clients to be interested in the project, to express their concerns and query their uncertainties so we discuss the issues and react quickly to find solutions as soon as possible.

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